Another cast...

Carla has been feeling well for a couple of weeks now and then this morning she coughed a bit and eventually brought up a cast.  When she spit it out, it was the size of a normal loogie (I know, gross) but I put it in the sterile container with sterile water, like the docs want me to and it spreads out quite a bit.  I am super thankful that her cast was small, but still curious as to why now they are cropping up again.  She doesn't seem to be sick and we are in our own apartment, where she is not around any animals or excessive dust or anything that I would figure might cause her lungs to be irritated.  So, I guess this is just one of those plastic bronchitis mysteries.  Praying that she stays healthy and that we don't have any more issues.

Other than that, things have been normal around here.  We went and had lunch with Bobby's cousins Tina and Dusty on Saturday, and then to Bev's to watch the Broncos get their bottoms kicked royally.  Mother Nature is trying to make us feel right at home here in Seattle, and it snowed a bunch yesterday and will continue snowing on and off through the week.  So, we are  hunkered in until it warms up a bit!  People in Sea Town don't know how to drive in the snow and ice, and they don't have the equipment to make the roads safe either.   We do have a cardio appointment on Wednesday, so that may be the first time we get out and about until then. 

Love, Jen

Carla, skyping with Grandpa and Grandma Sue the other night :)

Mother Nature, making us feel like home with the most beautiful sunset!

Carla, with the sunset ;)

All dressed up, and dancing around!

More of Carla Dancing :)

She was having a really good time!

More dancing...

What do you mean I'm a ham?

Running around in a circle, singing and dancing about.

Yesterday after it had snowed a little bit.

Carla, with the snow :)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the cast was just a one time thing. :( We will be praying for sweet Carla and the entire family during this rough time.
I was watching the weather and saw the Seattle area is getting 12-18 inches! WOO! Stay safe and warm!

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