We've Been Adopted!

When we first got here there was a form that families who were going to be here over the Christmas Holiday could fill out, and if they were lucky, they would get adopted by a company, who would send a gift to your children. Well, tonight the front desk called and told us that our gifts had been delivered and we needed to come and pick them up at the front desk.  I was expecting two or three gifts...we literally got a whole box full of gifts.  Mostly for Carla, of course, but a couple for Cody as well and a $30 gift card for Bobby and I to Target, so I can use that for necessities (which is awesome) and 2 gifts for me.  All I can say is how amazing and overwhelmingly awesome!  The company that adopted us is called the Active 20-30 Club of Seattle.  I can't say how thankful we are for their generosity.  They also wrote a really sweet letter saying how proud Santa is of Carla...which I read to her and she enjoyed immensely. 

In other news:  Carla and I pretty much laid low all day...she has a cold and I'm not keen on spreading it around, so we only went down to the kitchen to eat and tried to stay away from people and sanitize our area when we were done.  

In awesome news:  Cody hit the winning basket during the basketball game against Ft. Benton tonight!  I am so proud of him and wish so much that I could have been there to enjoy the moment with him.  Go Badgers!  Awesome that you won!!!  

Love, Jen

Carla with her Tinkerbell dolly that Auntie Marlene and Cousin Kim brought up this weekend. 

The box full of gifts!

Carla, excited, standing in front of all the presents.

That little thing poking out in the back is the Christmas tree ;)  

Tinkerbell had a spa day...

Carla wanted her hair put in 2 ponies, then she wanted to see the back of her head...this was my solution to that :)  

Self shots... 

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