Sick again... :(

Carla is sick AGAIN!  Being around all these kids and people at the Ronald McDonald House is just  NOT working!  She has a cold, but the last time she had a cold, last week, she ended up coughing up 3 casts and spending 2 nights in the hospital.  I really don't want to be doing that!  We need to be secluded from other people until after she gets her heart, or for a while afterwards...at least after she gets her heart though she won't have to get plastic bronchitis along with a cold.  So stressful :(  Our social worker at the hospital has contacted a family who has a furnished triplex that they rent out for a good price, but it is for cancer families.  So, we are hoping they will make an exception for us.  We should know hopefully this week.   Please pray that they make an exception for us... we need so badly to be away from everyone, but don't want to set up a whole apartment here...it is so expensive and such a pain in the bum.

Love, Jen

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