Seattle Adventures.

We had a little adventure on Monday...Carla wanted to play outside, so we took on the outdoor toy at the Ronald McDonald house.  It didn't last long, because it was a bit chilly (and shady) but she did have a run down the slide and explored a little bit.  Afterwards she played with the giant doll house somebody made and donated, and then we drove downtown and hit the Aquarium.  It was very cool and we had a nice time.  We made it back to the Ronald McDonald House just in the nick of time to have a yummy dinner of chicken, brown rice, broccoli and a spinach salad.  It was so nice to have a healthy dinner.  

Tuesday Santa was at the Country Club down the road and so we went there and Carla got her picture taken with him.  They weren't very busy, so Carla sat on Santa's lap for at least 10 minutes visiting with him and telling him all about herself, etc.  Then, we went to the hospital for a finger poke and ran in to Bobby's cousin, Tiffini and her daughter Isabelle.  Isabelle had an appointment and afterwards they came over and visited for a awhile.  It was nice.  Carla's INR was 1.7, so the plan is to put her back on 4 mgs of coumadin a day and check it again on Friday. 

Today, Wednesday, we had a cardiologist appointment at 10:20 in the morning.  We made it to the parking garage at 10:20, so were running a TINY BIT late.  It turned out alright and they got us in pretty quickly.  Carla had her little EKG, Pulse Ox, blood pressure, etc. and everything went well.  Carla's oxygen reading was 90%, which is way higher than at home.  Sea level does a body good.  At home her last oxygen reading was 76%.  I had a nice visit with one of the transplant coordinators, the gal who took Carla's vitals, and Dr. Law.  I feel very confident that we are in the right place and that Carla will be getting her perfect heart sometime soon.  Dr. Law told us that we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.  Those are some doctor's orders that I don't mind following.  

I  can't say enough about how amazing the Ronald McDonald House has been.  They have so many activities and things to offer for us to do.  All we have to do is keep an open mind, and do new things.  Meet new people and learn to enjoy strangers.  I am getting better at it.  And I am starting to find my Zen place, if that makes any sense.  I feel peaceful.  And I am confident that the Lord has a plan.  I try not to  think  about the things I have no control of, and it helps me to stay calm.

On another note:  Cody's first Sr. varsity basketball game is Friday.  I am so sad that I don't get the be there :(  but, I will be there in spirit and I know that Cody knows that I wish so much I could be there.  I wouldn't miss it if I had a choice.  Some things you just have no control of.  Bobby's folks will be there though.  So I am thankful for that.  Love my boy.  Miss my hunny too :(  Christmas can't come too soon. 

Here are some pics from our adventures...

Love, Jen

Carla playing outside at the Ronald McDonald House
Peek A Boo!

Getting ready slide...

This is going to be fun!

Being cute...

Playing with the ultra cool doll house.

A guy hand built this, it took him like 2 years, and then donated it to the Ronald McDonald House.

Being super cute at the Aquarium, standing by the Jelly Fish

By the tropical fish.

Fish all around.

Giant wall of fish...

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