Plastic Bronchitis

Carla's plastic bronchitis has reared its ugly head again.  She developed a cough Friday night and by yesterday at 2:00 p.m. she produced a tiny cast.  It was only about an inch long and as thin as a toothpick.  We were all hoping that it would be the last of the casts, that maybe she had just developed a cold and it caused the cast.  But then last night she coughed up a cast of one of her lungs.  It was very thin, but still the whole side of one of her lungs.  This morning she produced another one, probably the middle straight piece of her lung.  I have a call into the transplant doctors and we will find out what they want us to do.  Do they want us to come in so they can examine her?  Admit her?  Run tests?  What do they want?  Do they have any ideas why this would all of a sudden crop back up?  This is that ugly reminder why we are here,waiting for a heart.  I could do without the painful reminders.

Please pray for Carla, that she is well and healthy and that we get her perfect heart very soon.

Love, Jen


Christina said...

So sorry to hear the casts are back. Hoping you get some answers soon!

Hugs & Prayers,

Hope's Blog said...

Many more prayers coming your way. Hoping for answers for you and hopefully no more casts.