My folks come for a visit.

My Dad and Sue are here for a visit and we are having a terrific time!  They arrived last night and we promptly had to open the Christmas presents that they came bearing.  We loved everything and are so appreciative to everyone who thought of us this year.  

Today we decided to take a little adventure down the shoreline of Seattle.  We found a Fish and Chips shop, ate, and then drove down the coastline checking things out.  We happened across a a park by the ocean and spent a little time there before finding our way back home.  It was a nice time and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot.  

Tomorrow we are going to Bev's house to watch the Broncos kick some Chief butt, and to visit with Bev.  Sue is also going to meet her other granddaughter, Destinee, at the airport as she has a 3 hour layover at SeaTac.  

Here is to a much  better New Year, and to never spending another one without my sweet husband.  

Love, Jen
Carla with the backpack from Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan. 

Me, wearing the shall/scarf, from Adam & Jennifer.

Carla and her Grandpa, being super sweet.

My Dad is so silly.  One of the things I love most about him. :)

The view from the restaurant we ate at this afternoon.  

My Dad and Carla, at the park we happened across this afternoon. 

These are 2 of my favorite people. :)
Carla and her Grandparents Morgan.  

MY favorite picture of the day!

Walking by the ocean.

Swinging by the ocean

Strolling by the ocean. :)

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