Hospital Updates

So, we have spent 2 nights in the hospital and since we have been admitted Carla hasn't coughed even once!  She is doing perfectly (Thank You God).  I am pretty sure her Plastic Bronchitis just reared its ugly head because she had a chest cold...and also because The Lord wanted to remind us why we are here.  Sometimes you get fooled into thinking that everything is better and then you're not sure that you're doing the right thing.  So, this is that reminder that we are on the right road and that a new heart is indeed the direction we need to go. 

So, the plan is to discharge us today to the Ronald McDonald House and just hope and pray that she stays well and that she gets her new heart soon.  They did increase her sildenafil, aldactone and azithrimyacin meds too.  Which makes sense.  Here are some cute pics :)

Our Christmas tree at the RMD House (it's the card we got from the Courthouse gals).  

Carla putting clings on Bev's sliding glass door. 

Carla and my beds :) 
Being cute.

Carla and Mommy

Eating Trscuits

Our shared room (leaves a little something to be desired).  
I wanted to also thank everyone who has sent Carla and I Christmas Cards!  It is so fun to get the mail and be reminded that people are thinking of us :)

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