Hospital Beefs.

 So today after calling the doctors and letting them know that Carla had coughed up 3 casts, they wanted to see her right away.  After seeing her they wanted to admit her, just for observation.  Since admitting her, I have been pretty irritable.  Now, I don't generally like to complain BUT I have to say, the first day of admission in a hospital is so terribly annoying!  So, here are my beefs:  1) having to explain Carla, her treatment and what plastic bronchitis is, what her symptoms are over and over and over....2) the nurses NEVER bring the meds on time; 3) having to wait 2 hours for the cafeteria to prepare Carla's food; 4) The fact that they can't figure out how to bring me a simple pediatric nasal cannula, they instead want to bring me a high flow cannula, and now I have to wait until nearly 10 p.m. for them to come and explain WHY they want her to use a high flow cannula...I'd like to see how they want to keep the damned thing on her face! Especially since she is 2 hours past her bedtime and getting crabby!; 5) the fact the even though I told them that Carla wants her meds in the form of a pill, they bring her 25 mgs of liquid sildenafil in a syringe... I told them to take it back and bring me a pill, and or a pill and a small amount of liquid.  The nurse couldn't figure it out, so Carla had to down it in the liquid form; and my final complaints... Sharing a room with some strange man and his baby, being told that I have to go down the hall to go to the bathroom, because the bathroom in the room is just for the patients AND having to go to another floor to shower.  I'm sorry, but with the amount of money hospitals charge, don't you think they can afford to give us our own room!?  Ok, that's my FINAL complaint.  Sorry, I don't mean to be a complainer... just had to get that off my chest.

Now, I had better go to bed and get some rest so that I can quit being so darned crabby!

Love, Jen

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cici said...

Don't get me started on Hospitals or Nursing Homes. I am just glad you are there to be Carla's advocate. Can you imagine if you weren't?
I would use the bathroom anyway, dangit! especially since you are rooming with a baby. That is a quick way to get them to pay attention to Carla ... Break the rules ;)
I am sorry Carla has to go through this all over again, maybe it is nature's way of speeding up her getting a new heart.
Prayers for you both,
Stay strong