Hanging out in Sea Town...

Carla and I have been getting along alright here in Sea town.  The other day we took a drive down the road, found a Safeway, did some grocery shopping and then hit the Radio Shack to pick up the Wii charger that we needed.  Afterwards we came back to the Ronald McDonald House, made some lunch and did some visiting both with each other and with new people that we have been meeting.  We have met quite a few nice people here and I am trying to be less hermity and more chatty with strangers.  Also, almost daily they have activities with different groups.  The other night there was a group who had wreathes and decorations for us to do.  Then there was a group who helped us make beaded bracelets.  Today there were people doing gingerbread houses.  Carla and I showed up late (because SOMEONE wasn't paying attention to the activities that were going on) so we didnt' get to do a house.  But, it's still neat that they were doing them.  Today a group came in and hosted a movie night.  There is a theater in the basement and we had popcorn and candy and watched Despicable Me. It was fun.  Tomorrow there from 10 to 12 the Seahawks are going to be here for brunch.  That will be interesting.  I will have to bring my camera and see whats going on.  I'm not sure if it is the actual players or not...we shall see.  Also, the Lions club is putting on dinner and one of the ladies involved is friends with our friend Bev.  What a small world!  

Yesterday we had to go to the hospital to have some blood drawn for labs.  We found out that Carla's coumadin level was through the roof!  It should be at 2 to 2.5.  It was at 7.2!!!  Good grief.  So, we held her dose, gave her a bunch of peas and then had it re-checked this morning.  It was still at 3.8, which was better, but still critically high.  I am so thankful for her carefulness!  We will be holding the dose again, she has been eating peas and we will get another poke tomorrow.  

After getting labs done yesterday we drove to Bobby's cousin Tiffini's house.  Carla and her cousin Belle got to play for a couple of hours and I got to visit with Tiffini and actually watch a movie!  I can't remember the last time I was able to watch a whole movie.  After Tiff's we went to Bev's, visited for a while and spent the night with her. Beverly spoiled Carla, with coloring books, crayons and some new long sleeve shirts and a pair of pants and her friend June spoiled her with a goody bag full of a jump rope, puzzle, candies, and a little blanket.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful support system here in Seattle.  One cool thing too is that Bev and Tiff live 7.2 miles from each other!  So, it makes it easy to visit them both in one day!  Less traveling back and forth means less money spent in gas...and the less money spent the better!  

Here are some cute pictures from the last couple of days.  :)

Love, Jen
p.s.  Still miss my boys like crazy.  :(  

Carla, putting the Christmas clings that Bev bought her on the window.  Bev is so thoughtful and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.  

Carla spent quite a long time with these clings. 

She wanted a picture with the wreath. :)

Yesterday Carla and Belle dressed up as princesses and then  wanted us to take their picture :)  

Here they are being super cute and sweet together.  Cousins are THE BEST!  I should know, my cousins are the bomb!  

Our little Princesses. 

Here is the bracelet that Carla made, it now serves as her name tag by our door.   :)

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