Go Seahawks?

I've been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember.  My Uncle Norm lived near Denver through most of my childhood, I'm pretty sure nearly every member of my family has been to a Bronco game at one time or another, I went to a playoff game when I was in high school.  My Dad always watched Bronco football and even my Grandma and Great Aunt cheer on the Broncos.   But, being a westerner, there has always been a special place in my heart for the Seattle Seahawks, especially since they were taken out of our division ;) That being said, I was excited to find out that the Seahawks were hosting our Sunday brunch.  We had their booster club, 3 cheerleaders, the mascot and even the pep band performed for us!  Carla was thrilled to meet the cheerleaders and talked at length with them...in true Carla style.  She found the Seahawk to be quite terrifying at first, but she still posed with him for a picture and then had a rush of exhilaration afterwards.   We had an amazing brunch that consisted of bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, fruit and juice.  Afterwards Carla got a picture with the cheerleaders and the mascot and then we went outside and listed to the pep band perform... they were A..M..A..Z..I..N..G!!!  Holy cow, I was super impressed!  After, we walked up to the hospital (THE SUN WAS SHINING AND NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY!) and got a finger poke.  Carla's INR was down to 1.7 (Friday it was at 7.2).  So, we got the call from the doctor and she said to give her 3 mgs of coumadin for the next 2 nights and we will check it on Tuesday.  Yay!  Monday is a poke free day!  After going to the hospital we decided to have an adventure, so we found an Applebees (Carla's choice) and had some lunch.  Afterwards we made a stop at Staples for a couple of things we needed and then made our way  back to the Ronald McDonald House for dinner.  I shouldn't have eaten again BUT we needed to meet a lady friend of a friend of ours who was helping serve dinner with the Renton Lions club...so we ate again.  Today, I feel super lethargic and tired.  I will be eating healthy today...  ANYWAY, I will get to letting you view the photos.  

Love, Jen

Carla and the Sea Gals

Carla with the terrifying Seahawk
That was exciting!

With the Sea Gals and the Seahawk.

The Very Cool band.

I was super impressed and thought Cody would have LOVED this.

Sun shining and all!

Playing with the train set...she loves this.

Carla likes to play with this train set, just about every day.  

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Katie said...

So cool! We are major hawk fans--would have given anything for the Seahawks to come to the house while we were staying there. Isn't the RMH so nice?? We have stayed in that same house each surgery with Maddie.

Praying for Carla & her special heart to come soon.

Heart hugs, Katie & Maddie