Christmas with the Wrights :)

Our little Wright family came to Sea town for Christmas!  Bobby walked in the door around 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve and Carla just started screaming with joy!  Next was Cody, Grandma, Papa, Uncle Tom and our friend Reva.  After feeding the starving masses we opened presents, visited, played and eventually Bobby, Carla and I took off for Bev's house, because Santa was expecting us there, not here in the apartment.  Actually, Bev said we could stay with her before we were approved for the apartment. Knowing that she was looking forward to having Christmas with us too, and wanting to see her as well, we spent the night there Christmas Eve.  Carla konked out on the way, so it was really nice for Bobby and I to visit with Bev that night while she slept.  We ended up staying up until after 2 a.m.  I don't know where the time went, but it flew by.  Christmas morning we got up and Carla opened her presents from us, Bev and Santa.  The rest of our family met us at Bev's around noon and we all sat around, visiting, eating mass amounts of food that Beverly had prepared and just enjoying ourselves.  Around 4 we left and headed over to cousin Tiffini's house for a huge Christmas feast!  There was so much food you wouldn't even believe it.  Ham, Turkey, Stuffed Pork Chops, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade mac & cheese, homemade rolls, scalloped potatoes, amazing green beans, fruit salad, lots and lots of pie and I can't even remember what else.  After pretty much eating ALL DAY LONG we all came back to the apartment that night feeling very loved and extremely full!  

Monday morning Bobby and I went and did a bunch of shopping for the apartment (food and some necessities).  Of course, upon arriving back at the apartment and cooking dinner we immediately realized there were some other things we needed...  And, the Brita that we bought was cracked down the side.  Bummer dude. Anyway, we made spaghetti (oops no parmesan cheese), and garlic toast (oops, no pot holders or cookie sheets) but we made due and everything was great.  Tuesday morning we woke up early and Bobby and I made bacon, eggs, & biscuits for everybody.  Later in the day Tammy, Cody and I did a little running around.  A glass and a coffee cup and met their demise, so we had to find an IKEA to replace them.  After driving around in circles for a while, we finally were able to find it.  Holy Huge Store Batman!  I had never been to an IKEA...interesting.  Daylight was a burning so we were in and out of there and then off to Toys R Us, because Carla just didn't get enough for Christmas (LOL) but there was a vacuum cleaner that Belle had the Carla LOVED, so we wanted to get one for her too.  Of course, while we were there we saw a PERFECT other toy that Cody HAD to get for his sister.  She loved them both.  Later that night the kids (Cody, Thomas and Reva) went out to see one of Tom's frat friends and they also went up to the Space Needle.  I've never done the Space Needle at night...I bet that was a pretty cool view, although, it was windy.   Bobby's Mom pulled my hair through a cap and highlighted it, Bobby took a nap and Roger and Carla entertained each other.  We all (including Carla) stayed up until around 11:30 p.m.  

This morning the family got up, ate a little bit and then took off to head back to Montana.  I have been cleaning, set up my printer and relaxing.  Carla has been napping for about 2 hours and my family is most of the way home.  We enjoyed them so much.  Sure do love my little Wright Family.

Love, Jen

Cody with a pair of shorts, from the Seattle 20-30 Club

Cody's other present from the Seattle 20-30 club.

The first thing Carla opened from the 20-30 Club.

Grandma, Carla and Thomas...all of the gifts on the table were from the Seattle 20-30 Club.  How amazing is that?  We are very thankful for their generosity.  

Daddy/Daughter lovin

Uncle Tom got Carla this super cool Rapunzel tower and toy.  It was a hit!

Putting it together...

Holy spread Bev!  Bev is such a giver and we love her so much!

The Carla cookie Bev made for Toot. 

Carla and Bev Christmas morning. 

Carla with her Sleeping Beauty doll/dress

With her cool Princess V-Tech from Bev.

Santa got Carla some Baby All Gone diapers. 

All Carla wanted for Christmas was a Baby All  Gone....which was actually a Baby Alive, because she wanted to be able to feed it and make it poop and pee.  Santa did not disappoint.  She was, after all, a very good girl this year. 

Feeding her baby.

Giving her baby a bottle. 

Holding her baby...

Burping her baby. :)  

Snuggling with Daddy.

Snuggling Uncle Tom.

They are really cute together. 

Baby Monkey, baby monkey, riding on a pig... baby monkey.... it's a song and it's on You Tube and I suggest if you have never heard it, you don't...or it will be stuck in your brain for life.  

Tina, showing Carla the blanket she made her. 

Belle, opening the gift we got her. 

Mom and cousin Dusty. 

My kiddos.  

Carla and Belle, being adorable and getting ready to head off to the bedroom to play. 

Holding hands.

Look, I really was there!

Cousin Tiff.

Cousin Crystal and her hubby Larry.

Carla and Reva :)

Carla Toot. 

Cousin Tina.

Reva, Tom and I, visiting. 

Crystal's daughter, Kristen, with her new Christmas barbie. 

Reva and I.

Carla and Tom, playing a memory game. 

Carla, kicking some butt.

Larry offers Carla $5.00 if she beats her uncle again...

She wins! Fist bump!

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