Here is a picture of Carla with Santa from Tuesday.  She enjoyed sitting on his lap and visiting with him for so long.  It was sweet.  Speaking of Santa, and his elves....I received a box yesterday from some ex-coworkers at the Courthouse.  It was so sweet.  They put together a lovely card, blanket, toy and a money order for us.  It is so neat that these ladies that I worked with would go out of their way to brighten my day!  I started working at the Courthouse when I was 21 years old.  At the time I was the youngest one there and it felt like I was working with an office of Moms.  Something that I appreciated very much, since I lost my own Mom when I was 12.  So, sending out a special THANK YOU to the retired Courthouse bunch, who instead of exchanging gifts with each other, thought us and made our day a little brighter. :)

Carla with Santa the other day :)


snosrap5 said...

Carla looked right at home on Santa's lap. I just have to ask, are those little chairs hanging from the Christmas trees? Too funny!

Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Eva

Rhonda said...

So cute...

I went and watched the guys play Friday night and was so wishing you were here.

Know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Love all of you.