Our First day in Sea town...

We had a long day at Seattle Children's Hospital.  First there was an echo, then a visit with the social worker, then lunch and finally a meeting with the transplant doctor, and a heart surgeon, followed by the best blood draw of all time!  They are obviously a top notch facility.  Carla's O2 saturation, on her toe, was 83.  At home it is 79, on her finger.  (Fingers have a higher O2 reading because they are closer to the heart).  So, clearly sea level does make a difference.  Tomorrow we have appointments with Neuropsych, Hematology, Pulmonary and Anesthesia.  And here's where I have to throw a little bragging in....  The transplant doctor said it will be interesting to see how Carla tests with neuropsych, because she is so intelligent.

After our doctor visits we got a hold of Bobby's cousin Tiff and arranged to have dinner at a yummy Japanese buffet in Federal Way.  It was super great and the company was awesome.  It was so fun to watch Carla and her cousin Belle play together.  Cousins are the best!   We had a great time.

I'm beat and ready for beddy.

Love, Jen

Carla and Belle :)  Where was my awesome camera when I needed it!?


One Happy Heart Family said...


I really wish I had some way to contact you? Would you mind emailing? Kylie just turned 3 and she is in the same situation as Carla minuse the plastic bronchitis (spl) thing. I have been following your blog forever. Kylie got sick (unknown) after her fontan and is now in heart failure, we were so close to loosing her as you were with Carla when she got so sick. We started the transplant process, except the cath, we are trying another heart medication before we go that invaisive, it will be a cath to look for collaterals (spl) and the pre-transplant cath. I am so glad I logged in today, I just had a weird feeling to check up on you guys!!! To find out you are at Seatles Childrens hospital makes me so HAPPY for you!! Gives me hope too, to see what they say, me & my husband have been talking over & over about getting a 2nd opinion. We live close to SLC so that would be ideal, but if someone else somewhere could benifit her better, I would be there in a heart beat. Would you mind contacting me? I so understand and won't be offened!! You are one busy Momma!! Anyways, Kylie has been following Carla's little path, just other ways. We always are thinking & praying for you & your family!!

BTW looks like you had tremedous amounts of FUN on her make a wish!! I LOVE what you said about that is what your family needed. People have been telling me we should apply, just to get us out of this "cloud" we are in!!

One Happy Heart Family said...

Okay I typed that so fast, I have tons of mispellings!! LOL I forgot to mention, Kylie's PRA's when they checked were 99!! I remember Carla's being high & thats what you are working on getting lowered?