A New Chapter...

We will be starting a new chapter in our lives, almost immediately.  Carla will be presented to the transplant committee in Seattle on Monday, the 28th of November.  Therefore, we will be traveling to Seattle on the 27th.  Carla and I will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle while Bobby and Cody stay home and continue to work and go to school.  It is so overwhelming to think that in less than a week we will be in a new town, waiting for a heart.  I am so thankful that we will be close to family and friends.

We saw our home town Cardiologist for the last time in a long time today.  He is on board with our decision and wishes us well.    We have been so blessed to have wonderful doctors and care throughout Carla's journey.  Seattle will be no different.  We are headed to a top notch facility and will be coming out the other side of this journey as transplant parents, to a daughter with a four chambered heart.  We will have to adapt to Carla's new disease, that of being a transplant recipient.  There will be new meds and new complications and risks.  But, at least she will be pink.  I am looking forward to seeing her run and play and just plain function with a four chambered heart.

Please keep little Miss Toot in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this new adventure.

Love, Jen


Katie said...

Carla will most definitely stay in our prayers...she's such a cutie pie and has overcome so much. What an inspiration.

We are coming over for Maddie's cardiology appt. on Monday the 28th and will be at the Heart Center there! Maybe we'll run into each other! We always love meeting heart families :)

Melissa said...

Wow! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

As always - - all of you will be in my prayers . . . especially little miss toot. If there is anything I can do - please don't hesitate to ask. Love ya all LOTS!!!! Karen