Getting settled in..

Carla and I are settling in to our new digs in Seattle.  The Ronald McDonald house here is so nice and it makes it a lot easier for Carla.  Around every turn is a new thing for her to play with.  Today we have to go to the hospital to sign some paperwork but other than that I think we are just going to hang around here, do a little bit of preschool work, play and relax.  I have been trying to make Carla be a little bit more independent, which has proven to be frustrating for me, BUT the neuropsych testing showed that she is perfect in every way except that she has a hard time with the fine motor skills with her fingers. Cody had the same issue...hmmm... She said that it is easy to want to do everything for your child, especially when they are sick, but that I need to make her do more things on her own.  So, we will focus on that while we wait for the heart.  This morning the fight was picking out and putting on her own clothes.  She said and I quote:  "You do it!  I can't!"  I explained to her that she needed to do it.  After she was done (and I only helped a tiny bit) we were so proud of her for being so big.  This will be good.  I am very aware that this is operator error on my part.  I did the same thing with Cody, I realized this best of all when I instinctively opened Cody's soda for him...when he was 12.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said...um, I can do that.  I'm honestly surprised I'm not one of those crazy ladies who cuts up my husband's food!  HAHAHAHA!!!  Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?  

Anyway, here are some cute pics!  

All my love, Jen

p.s.  I miss my hunny and my sweet boy :(

Getting moved into our room at the Ronald McDonald House

The playroom in the basement...

Carla loves little houses

Ride 'em kitty cat!

The impressive play room

pretty cool

The laundry room...Maytag donated all of these!  

Our room.

I am sooooo happy for all the storage!

The bathroom area.  

Carla with her Minnie, yesterday morning. 

Being silly at breakfast yesterday. 

Such a cutie pie!

The eating area...

Looking into the kitchen area.

There are 4 kitchen areas in here.  

The dishwashers.

Last night after dinner there was a group that was giving away wreaths  and decorations, so that we could decorate.  Pretty cool.  

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The Smith's said...

Welcome to Seattle, friend! Praying Carla gets her heart SOON!