Christmas in November...

Before leaving for Seattle, we had a little Christmas for Cody.  All he wanted for Christmas was a laptop computer... We were able to find one on e-bay and he was very pleased :)  I also got him a little i-home and ear buds.  So now, he is ready to rock.  The computer is cool because it will service him well for college as both an entertainment center as well as a work station.  I am very in to  gifts with a purpose.  So, this was a good one.  

I am sad that we aren't going to be home for Christmas.  But at the same time, I feel comfortable knowing that we are where we are meant to be and that the Lord has a plan.  I spoke to Dr. Law yesterday and Carla has been listed here in Seattle.  I have to sign a form tomorrow, to transfer her 1a time from Salt Lake to Seattle.  Dr. Law thinks that she should be listed as a 1a by Friday.  Which means, things could go very quickly.  He also said that her antibodies are still pretty high and we will test her again in a month.  If they are not a lot lower he will start medication to bring them down.  

Yesterday we moved in to the Ronald McDonald House across from the Seattle Children's Hospital.  It is a very nice place and I will post pictures of that soon.  

Love, Jen

Cody with his i-pod doc and ear buds...

Enamored with his new computer.  

Spoiled at Bev's House :)

Carla and Bev, loving on each other. 

We are so lucky to be close to Beverly.  She is such a blessing.  

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