Since we've been home.

We made it home Saturday night around 9:00.  Carla spent the night with Grandparents Wright and Sunday morning we were up at the crack of about 6a.m.  Still on FL time, and in that case, we had slept in.  We have pretty much just slipped back into home life.  Bobby is back to work, Cody back to school, me back to my Tuesday and Thursday workouts and Carla back to her usual routine.  But, I have to tell you, I feel a lot better now than I did before the trip.  That ball of anxiety that was constantly hanging out in my stomach has seemed to subside.  I am a lot more calm feeling and  happy in general.  The trip really helped fill up my joy/happiness meter.  I had felt pretty sucked dry after the years events, but I feel much better now.

Yesterday we took Carla and got her hair trimmed.  While at Penneys, we saw the most beautiful dress for her Christmas pictures!  I can't wait to put it on her and start taking pictures!  She is going to look darling!  It's funny how every year, in October, I am chomping at the bit to do her Christmas pictures...I usually do them in November, but want to do them in October.  I am also chomping at the bit to get the disc in the mail from Disney World.  I can't wait to take those pictures in and get them developed!  When Carla was in my belly I decorated her room in Disney Princess.  I bought a princess calendar, took 8x10 picture frames, cut the calendar pictures out and framed them.  It worked out really slick but, NOW I have actual pictures of her WITH princesses, so I'm going to replace the old pictures with new pictures of her with Princesses!  Pretty exciting if you ask me!  I'm also really excited to do a video, with music and pictures with my Windows Movie Maker.  Yes, I know, I'm a big nerd.

Tonight Carla has a date to spend the night with her Grandparents Wright.  Tomorrow we will be going to Helena,  eat some Jade Garden for lunch, possibly hang out with friends while Bobby sets up and then Saturday night Metal Steel is playing in East Helena.  So, Bobby and I will be doing that, while Carla spends some time with her Grandparents Morgan.  It will be a nice weekend and I am looking forward to it.  

Love, Jen

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