Carla's Make A Wish, Day 5

Thursday was yet another BIG day.

We went to Universal Studios to check out what they had to offer.

We knew Dr. Seuss land would be neat, so went there first.

Why Cody, what a large hat you have.... We went on a Cat in the Hat ride twice, the Star Belly Sneetch train twice and also wandered around a bit and saw
And then of course...this (Harry Potter land).  Universal had lots of roller coasters and was pretty geared for larger kids....so we started making our way out of there.
Here's Carla, being pink.
On the way out of Harry Potter land we stopped for a couple photos :)
After Universal, we went back to the Village for a nap and lunch.  Later that night we went to the Medieval Times restaurant.  We really had no idea what it was all about, but thought the building was cool, so made reservations.  It was pretty neat!  And Carla had a fabulous time! It was like an interactive dinner theater with horses, knights, a princess, and a king, fighting to get their lost prince back from his evil captors.  
Carla, with her crown...
This one suits her much better.
The family, waiting for our food.  We all got tomato basel soup, garlic toast, a honkin portion of a chicken, one pork rib, half a potato and an apple turn over.  All to be eaten with your hands....they actually do a great job of cooking food that is easy to eat with your hands and CARLA LOVED IT!
Our Knight threw a flower right to Carla.  She was overjoyed!
Cody and Carla with her flower.  Tomorrow is our final day in Florida, as we have to leave early Saturday morning.  Our plan it so stay at Give Kids the World and really take in what they have to offer.  There is a Princess and Pirate party in the evening and Carla is looking forward to that.

Love, Jen

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