Carla's Make A Wish, Day 4

Wednesday was another BIG DAY!  It started out with a horse ride at Give Kids the World....

At first Carla was very reluctant to try horse back riding, but after she saw a couple of kids doing it, she thought she would try it out.  And guess what....she LOVED it.  That, my friends, is why you must continue to try things...even if they seem terrifying.  

 For all of her efforts, they gave her a certificate, and a hat.  She promptly took off the hat and...
 had me wear it.  Yes, I'm a Montanan, and this is probably the first picture of me in a cowboy hat ;)  After horse rides we went to Sea World!
 Here is my cute family by a waterfall at Sea World.  We promptly made our way over to the Shamu show....and because Carla was with Make A Wish, they put us right up front.   To give you an idea of how wet we got...the first 15 rows are considered the "Splash Zone"  We were in row #1.  Yes we were SOAKED afterwards!  But luckily, we were in Florida, so dried off pretty quickly.
Here's a picture of one of the whales ....
 Here is a picture of Carla, after getting drenched, the first time.  She LOVED IT, as did the rest of the family.  Cody was grinning ear to ear!

 After watching the show, we went over to feed the dolphins!

 And pet the dolphins....  :)

 After feeding and petting the dolphins, we fed the sting rays....
 Saw some flamingos, ate and eventually took off out of there.  We were going to go to the ocean, BUT we found out the electric parade at Disney was only on Monday and Wednesday this week.  So, since it was Wednesday, we figured we had better go back and see it.  I remember being super impressed by it when I was a kid, and when Cody was little, so thought Carla would get a kick out of it.
 Taking a rest after Sea World.
 A couple hours later, after washing all the whale water off, we were on our way back to the Magic Kingdom!  Carla was over joyed!  The Magic Kingdom was her favorite!

 Picture op!

 We got the best place to see the parade.  It was right by the castle picture place, just on the other side of the bridge, so no one could stand right in front of us!  I took about a million pictures, but here are just a few. :)

Wednesday was a hit!  Thursday is Universal Studios and the Medievil Castle dinner and show.  We are having the most amazing time :)

Love, Jen

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