Carla's Make A Wish, Day 1

Carla's Make A Wish adventure has been nothing short of absolutely AMAZING!  We were happy to have no traveling issues and once we made it to Florida everything went smoothly as well.  So, all that fretting I did was for not.  

We arrived in Orlando Sunday afternoon at 3:24 p.m.  There was a lady from Give Kids the World at the airport, who greeted us and took us first to get our bags and then to pick up our rental car.  We got to pick out whichever car we wanted from a row of cars.  We chose the one with a spoiler... the GKTW lady gave us a car seat to use and directions.  After loading up the car, we were off!  Shortly we arrived at the magical Give Kids The World Village.  Talk about amazing.  Everything you could ever imagine, they thought of it.  The whole village is just absolutely breathtakingly awesome in every way.  

We dumped off our bags and went to explore the village and get a bite to eat.  After a dinner of roasted chicken, mac & cheese, corn and corn bread, Carla and Bobby ordered ice cream cones and Cody went to take a shower.  Carla, Bobby and I checked out the pool and wandered around a little bit.  I had orientation at 7:45 and Bobby and Carla went to play "The World's Largest Candy Land game".  With live characters!  The game was followed by a street fair, where Carla won both a back scratcher and a balloon thing that you hit with your fist...  Silly Bobby forgot the camera, but hasn't forgotten a thing since (so he's forgiven).  

After meds and a vest treatment, we all crashed out around 10:00 (8:00 our time) with the visions of Disney dancing in our heads....more on that tomorrow....

Love, Jen

After JUST arriving in our villa. 

Our home away from home. 

Looking down a street at Give Kids the World

The Castle of Miracles Carousel   

In front of a giant mushroom

waiting for dinner

Check out the cool artwork! 

We are silly.

In front of a giant stack of cookies!

Look Mom, I'm pink! Sea level is Carla's friend.

My fingers aren't purple!

Ol' Elmer the very sleepy tree....he snores when you walk by him.  

Carla outside of the pool area.

The coolest pool, water play area of all time. 

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh my.... I actually have tears in my eyes of happiness for you all. Carla, sweet Carla, she deserves the world and I am so happy she is getting it! And.... Your family deserves to feel this amazing happiness and I am so very happy you are all getting to feel that! God bless you and enjoy the rest of your trip!