11 hours....

In 11 hours we will take flight on a fun filled Make A Wish adventure!  I think everything has been pulled together.  The house is clean and I will be putting Carla and myself to bed shortly.  Today is Homecoming for the Cascade Badgers and so earlier tonight we went to the parade.  Cody played the drums really well and the parade was the best I've seen in years. Afterwards, we went to the town's pancake supper, to support our volunteer fire department.  There were so many people there, and honestly, I felt somewhat reluctant to have Carla around all the people and germs.  But, here's to hoping she stays healthy.  Couldn't be any worse than taking her on an airplane.  And, she was so excited to see family and tell them all how excited she is to go to Disney.

Something kind of sad....  Carla says "It will be kind of like going to the hospital."  Unfortunately, the only trips she has ever been on, have been to the hospital. So, of course, she doesn't get that this is going to be NOTHING like that!  Although, I am happy that she doesn't think of the hospital in a negative light.  She thinks it's kind of fun.  That goes to show you how great her children's hospital is.  I cannot say enough about the staff at Primary Children's Medical Center, and how they make our child feel like she is on some kind of vacation when she goes there.  Pretty amazing.

Anyway, tonight Bobby is at work and Cody is going to the Homecoming dance after the football game....SO...they are going to be tired boys tomorrow.  Luckily, they will have a lot of time to sleep on the planes tomorrow.  I will try to go to bed with Carla here in about 28 minutes.  ;)

My love to all!  Take Care and God Bless!  Please pray that Carla stays super healthy on and after this trip.

Thank you Make A Wish for the exciting adventure that we are about to embark upon!!!! :)

Love, Jen


Christina said...

Have a fabulous trip. I am so excited for you to have this amazing adventure! Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Have a great time!!!