A bunch of pictures

I haven't been the best this month about getting pictures on the blog.  SO, here are a bunch of pictures from the month of August!  

I turned 36 on August 3rd, here are the pics from my birthday celebration!

Uncle Andy and Carla, hugging. 

Andy, having a hard time keeping his eyes open :)

Ok, everybody close your eyes!

He gets this inability to keep his eyes open from our Dad :)

Dad & Andy, keeping their eyes REALLY open and Carla and I thinking this is hilarious!

Rocking with Great Grandma Morgan

Dad & Carla, swimming at the Broadwater. 

Grandma, Me, and Andy. 

More swimming pics.

Grandma Sue and Great Aunt Donna, with Carla. 

Dad & Uncle Norm, visiting before we took off on the Gates of the Mountains boat trip

Waiting for the boat.  

The boat is coming in, we are promptly in line!

My Dad :)

Carla, being beautiful.

Carla, getting her teeth cleaned.

Getting ready to learn how to properly brush.

Look at those pearly whites!  Bobby kept telling her  that her teeth were blinding him and that he needed sunglasses.  It was super cute. 

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