We heard from Dr. Everitt in Salt Lake the other day.  She said that Carla's antibodies have come down to about 50%.  Much better than the 94% she sat at in May and June!  This is encouraging news.  Before they can change her antibody status on the transplant list though, they have to do another test.  Luckily, she can order those tests to be done here!  So, that means we don't have to drive all the way back to SLC for a blood draw.  She wants us to do that within the next 4 to 6 weeks.  So, I will set something up with our cardiologist's office and figure out if Nurse Tammy will draw the blood or if we will have to go to the hospital here for that.  Anyway, the fact that they are coming down is good.

Dr. Everitt also explained a little bit about lymphocytes to us, and that the last time Carla's were in the "normal range" was back in June of 2009.  Funny, that was right before her Fontan.  She explained that the lymphocytes should be in the 4000 range.  Wikipedia says: "lymphocyte is a type of agranular white blood cell in the vertebrate immune system."   Basically, if the lymphocytes are low, it affects the immune system.  When Carla was sick in March, her lymphocytes were at 400!!!  Now they are at 1200, which is a good improvement, but still not within normal range.  

Dr. Everitt explained that the Fontan works very well for some kids, but not so well for others.   Carla is one of the lucky kids it doesn't work so well with.  This is part of what makes me feel like going forward with transplant is a good decision.  I am just hoping we don't get forced into a scary position before we get a new heart.  And, that we can make it through until next summer before we have to move forward with transplant.  I really want to finish out Cody's Senior year before all this crap hits the fan.  But, the good news is that now that we understand a little bit about the fact that she is immunodeficient, we can be SUPER CAREFUL with her this winter and try really hard to keep her from getting sick.  Sometimes you look at Carla, and she looks so great, that you don't think there is any problem letting her go to preschool or letting her go to Walmart, or even letting her go to Cody's basketball games.  I think we need to be a lot more careful this winter and just hope and pray that she doesn't pick up anything that will put her back in the hospital. 

That's all I have for now, must get ready for my "Results" class.  Yes, I am now working out with other human beings!  First time ever and I think it is pretty neat.  Bobby and I have always worked out at home, so working out with other people is different.  We started "Body for Life" on Monday and we are committed to getting ourselves back in shape.  We are having a good time with it and enjoying supporting each other.  And, I am happy to say that last night was the first night in a REALLY LONG TIME that I actually slept through the night!  I usually wake up and can't sleep for hours at a time in the night, so it was nice to sleep through the night.  I think it probably has a lot to do with physical exhaustion.    If working out helps me sleep well, I am all for it!  Anyway, time to get!  

Love, Jen

p.s.  No idea why I have different background color on half of my post....

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