11 Days Until Disney!!!

That's right, in 11 days we will be heading out in the very wee hours of the morning, so that we can start our Make-A-Wish adventure!  We will be staying at the Give Kids the World Village, which is an amazing facility designed specifically for Make-A-Wish kids.  Disney and Nickelodeon characters visit the village for photo ops, there is horse back riding, a pool, ice cream at any hour, a fishing pond, nature trail, basketball court, Castle of Miracles and more!  We will have tickets to the four Disney World parks, Sea World and Universal Studios.  I have no idea how one week is going to be enough time for all of that, but I am certain that we are going to have an amazing time!  Carla is super stoked and every day we cross off one more day on our count down to Disney calendar.  This is going to be totally awesome and we are all pretty excited.  :)

Love, Jen

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Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to see pics of you all smiling and having fun!! Loves to you all! Love Katy