Things are fine

Just a quick update to let everyone know that things are just fine.  Last Sunday I took Carla to Helena and we went swimming with My Dad, Sue, Grandma Morgan and Andy.  Afterwards I stopped by and visited with my friend Katy, and got to see her new house.  I LOVED it!  Very warm and inviting.    Monday we had Cody's Senior pictures, so Bobby's folks watched Carla for me while I went with Cody to his photo shoot.  It was very cool and I am looking forward to checking out the proofs when they are available.  Tuesday Metal Steel opened up for the Bullet Boys at the 406 Club in Great Falls, so I went to that and had a very enjoyable time.  Wednesday, I had a girls night with a couple of my newest friends and THAT was very enjoyable as well.  Thursday and Friday were pretty low key and today Carla and I went for a stroll down to the post office while Bobby and Cody cleaned  house (yes, I'm going to keep them).  I had told Carla that she could ride her Princess Jeep to the post office today and she did not forget.  So, I walked and she drove.  Her driving is somewhat terrifying, but we are working on it ;)  It's probably about a mile, maybe a little more to go there and back and a couple of blocks before we got home she decided that she didn't want to drive anymore, so I drove the princess jeep and looked very silly, I am sure.  After she got tired of walking she rode on my knee as I drove her jeep.  Now I know how tall people feel when they get into my car....I was feeling like I had a whole lot of knees!  Hee hee.

Oh, I almost forgot, Tuesday we had a cardio visit and things seem fine.  We will be going to Salt Lake in early September, so we didn't do an echo, just a check up.  Bobby and I visited with the doctor for a long while and Carla ended up falling asleep.  Her oxygen level was at 80% with no oxygen.  She weighed 35.4 pounds and was 3 feet 2 inches tall.  She is getting very big.  I have been working on trying to help her be more independent, but she is very resistant to independent.  Hopefully she will get it soon, because in one year she will be going to Kindergarten!  Holy Cow!  Dr. R is hoping that we can keep her home for the winter, as we would all like to make it through the winter without any emergency trips to Salt Lake.  I feel good about keeping her out of preschool, but also don't want her to get behind....but I think her health is more important at this point.  I just hope that when next year rolls around she will be well enough for Kindergarten.  We'll have to pray about that!

Love, Jen

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