Pictures from the Gates of the Mountains

Dad, Sue and Andy.
Getting ready to leave the dock.

Aunt Donna.  
Carla, sleeping on Uncle Norm's lap.

Carla, Bobby, and I before the boat tour.
Meriwether beach.  Until 2007 the boat used to be able to dock here and everyone could get out, and picnic.  

There are some pictographs on the rock here that were carbon dated back to 1200 years ago.  They believe they were created by an Indian Shaw-man. 

Donna, Grandma, Uncle Norm with a sleeping Carla.  
It was so neat that Uncle Norm and Aunt Donna FINALLY got to visit Carla while she is well.  They live in Vegas and have always made it up to Salt Lake for her surgeries and complications but this visit is the first where they have seen her well!  Yay!  We will be visiting them tomorrow as well.  :)

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