Like Chickens...

I feel like we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off!  Wednesday Bobby played up in Whitefish with a new bad called The Alleged.  They play a bunch of dancy fun songs and we had a blast.  It was like a little mini vacation from our life and it was great.  We got home Thursday, just in time for Bobby to go to work and I visited with Bobby's Mom for a while and had a nice time telling her all about the show.  Friday was the rehearsal dinner with our friends Chad and Melissa, and we had a long WONDERFUL dinner at Dantes.  Carla had a blast and people loved her.  She is such a little character.  Yesterday was the wedding (and Bobby was not only performing the ceremony, but also doing the DJing and then Metal Steel performed).  We got up, got ready and then I took Carla to Helena, ran to Penneys and then Walmart for some last minute items and then rushed back home to get ready and then off to the wedding.  It was such a great time and the ceremony was lovely.  Bobby really outdid himself.  But of course, he is Bobby, so what are you going to expect.  Today we met my Dad, Sue, Carla, Uncle Norm, Aunt Donna, Andy and Grandma Morgan at the Gates of the Mountains.  We went on the 2 hour boat tour and afterwards drove to the Missouri River Inn and had an amazing dinner, with the best company!  On Tuesday I am taking Carla up to Helena to have another family dinner and then on Wednesday she gets her teeth cleaned.  Cody's 1st day of School is Tuesday, Bobby also has an eye appointment Tuesday and Thursday Carla gets her hair cut again.  The week after that, we will be driving to Salt Lake on Wednesday for a Thursday morning Cardio appointment.  Busy, busy.  I am ready for everything to slow down a bit, but it's also kind of fun to be so busy.  Although, our house is a wreck, so we need to work on our yard and laundry.  I also need to work on taking my camera out of it's bag.  I have only taken about 4 pictures all month!  Bad Jen!  I couldn't believe I forgot it on the Gates of the Mountains Boat Tour today!  What a nerd!  Luckily, my Uncle Norm has an iphone, so he will be e-mailing me the pictures I took today ;)  Can't wait to see them!

Anyway, I'm tired and have to go to bed.  Here's to an amazing week!

Love and blessings,   Jen

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