Bad little blogger...

So, I have to admit, I haven't been too awfully motivated to blog lately.  Mostly, I write when I'm feeling inspired and I just haven't felt inspired lately. 

So let's give you an update.  Last weekend I took Carla to Helena to spend Saturday night with Grandparents Morgan.  We had an impromptu birthday party for me and afterwards, while taking my brother home, I stopped at Jenny's house and ended up spending the night.  Sunday she had to work and I took Morgan with me to my folks' house and we eventually all ended up at the Broadwater for swimming and hot tubbing!  Yay!  It was Carla, my Dad, Sue, Andy, Grandma Morgan, Morgan and I. We had a fun time and I enjoyed it so much.  Afterwards my back/neck didn't hurt AT ALL, which was nice because my neck had been bothering me for a while and it was nice to have some relief. 

Wednesday was my 36th birthday and we had a wonderful day.  Bobby, Cody and I went to Dantes and had lunch.  Afterwards Bobby and I went and did some birthday shopping at the mall and then to Chili's for a drink and later Chad and Melissa took us out to the Country Club.  Their wedding is coming up and we were helping them decide which champagne they should get.  Not a bad job.... Carla spent the day with her Grandparents Wright and had an awesome time as well.  Cody texted Bobby and I during dinner and told us that Joan Jett was at Dantes.  She was super nice and signed an autograph for Cody and they took a picture together.  We ran into him at the gas station after dinner and he was over the moon excited!  I have to say, for 62, she LOOKS AMAZING!!!   She played at the State Fair Thursday night and several of our friends got to see her rock out. 

Cody and I got his school shopping done on Monday and he had his physical on Tuesday.  Next Monday he has Senior Pictures....so weird.   That's about it for now!

Love, Jen
Bobby and I, all dressed up for my birthday...
Cody with Joan Jett :)

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