So much to report

I have so much to report!  Carla has been doing well, but I don't like to talk about her health because I don't want to push my luck....So, I will report on other  matters.  On Saturday morning I got a call from Make-A-Wish... We are officially going to Disney World in October!!!!  We wanted to wait for cooler weather, but Cody starts basketball in November, so we thought October would be a good time.  She is over the moon excited and we are as well.  I am so pleased that she has something to look forward to.  And honestly, we haven't had a family vacation since she was born, so it will be nice for the rest of us as well.  We used to take a week, once  a year, but it has been nothing but Salt Lake City since she was born.  So, this will be fun!

Saturday Carla spent the night with my Dad & Sue and we got to meet some amazing people.  Rich, a friend of my Dad's, has been following the blog and praying, for I don't know how long. And Roseanne, who is our Blue Cross case worker.  Rich brought his 4 year old granddaughter, Joslyn, over and the girls got to play.  Roseanne also came and got to meet little Miss Toot.  We are so thankful for the people who have prayed and been advocates for our family, so it was very nice to meet these awesome people.  And Carla had an amazing time.

Today Bobby took Carla out for a lunch date and to the park while I got my hair done.  Afterwards I took Bobby to work and then hung out with Carla.  We went to Ross and then to Walmart and bought Carla a twin size blow up mattress to put in our room.  We have tried in the past to get Carla out of our bed, but then she would get sick so she was right back in bed with us.  Since we have been home from Salt Lake she spent half of one night in her own bed and then (thankfully) awoke and came to sleep with us.  The problem is this:  imagine your daughter or son being sick and sleeping in your bed... they awake at 1:30 in the morning choking and flailing about, without the ability to cough up what is choking them.... you turn up the oxygen full blast, put the vest on, in the hopes that it might break free whatever is choking your baby and call 911.  It takes half an hour of watching your baby almost die, in your arms, before the medics get there to help.  You know that if she hadn't been in your bed she may have just choked and died...and you wouldn't have known until the morning.  Then imagine why being in the same room with your baby is such an important thing.  Honestly, I can't sleep if she is in the other room.  But having her in our bed is a little bit of a tight squeeze.  So, I think this new arrangement might be perfect!  Time will tell.

Tomorrow Carla goes to the dentist for the first time!  We had an appointment in January, but ended up in Salt Lake, so had to cancel.  After the dentist we will go and visit Jenny and Morgan and do something fun with the girls! Yay!  Here's to having a fun day!

Love, Jen

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