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Sorry , it's been so long and I haven't been the best about updates lately! We have been home for 2 weeks now and I feel like I just might be making a little headway on the disarray that has become my life. Holy cow! The place has been a wreck and we have been so busy, running here and there, having parties, meeting with family and friends, getting finger pokes and even watching Cody play a little summer basketball!

Yesterday was Cody's last day of school, so now he is officially a senior. WHAT! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AND WHERE DID THE TIME GO? It seems like just yesterday he was Carla's age. Way back when he thought I could stop the rain...one of my most favorite Cody moments. Funny how little kids think you hung the moon and could take it from the sky if they wanted you to. ;) Carla wanted to wear her towel on her head the other day and be a Princess, just like me. I don't think there is anything more precious in life than being adored by a child. Melts the heart. Cody was the SWEETEST little boy ever and has turned into a young man who we are so proud of. I am praying that Carla's health holds out so that I can be around for his senior year. Part of what breaks my heart about going back to SLC is having to miss Cody's last year in school. Over the years I have enjoyed so much that I have been able to make it to almost every game and concert he has ever taken part in. Last week we went to his band concert and I was blown away by his drumming! I still remember that punky pre-teen who fought me on tucking in his shirt, flipped his hair and acted like a turd during his 6th grade band concert. Now he is the best dressed kid on the floor (he has some serious style) and takes his drumming so seriously you can hardly catch a smile! When he pounded out a serious jazzy drum roll I was impressed at how he has grown...but also it was a little sad, because I can't believe this time in his life is almost over! Before we know it he will be going to college and becoming a man of his own. I can only hope that we gave him the skills to be successful in life, but I am confident that we have. For that I am proud of us. I am proud of him for actually taking those lessons and putting them to good use. So proud.

In other news: we took Carla back to see Dr. Papa Ruggerie for an INR finger poke this morning. She is low again, 1.6, so we will be increasing her coumamdin to 3mgs every day now and see them again next week. Before I know it we will be driving back to SLC for a visit with the docs at Primary. It's not as warm and fuzzy there, but they are amazing and we are blessed to have them. Without Primary Children's Medical Center Carla would not be here today. We are blessed to have a facility like that available to us.

As far as the weekend goes, we will head up to Helena on Sunday for a birthday party for my brother Andy. I am looking forward to that. Also looking forward to seeing my dear friend Katy's new house! They have been building for about a year and were finally able to move in last weekend. It will be fun to see all of her stuff and kids in the house at last! Also will be fun to see Katy, she is something special and when we were going through our time with Carla she was such a strong supportive and loving friend. Sending out prayer requests, listening to me cry my eyes dry and always being a positive support. My heart swells with gratitude when I think of all the love and support my dear friends, family, community and strangers extended to us at that lowest time of our lives.

Here's to sunshine! Montana needs it REALLY BAD!

Love, Jen

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