Swing Set!!!

Sunday Grandparents Wright met up with us at Wal*Mart and purchased Carla's 4th birthday present, a swing set.  Cody got one for his 4th birthday, and so the tradition continues.  It was FINALLY a beautiful day and so Papa put it together and we all kind of milled around outside playing and waiting.  At 5:00 the Make A Wish gals showed up and we let them in on Carla's wish....To go to Disney.  We will most definitely wait until Florida cools down, so we are hoping for October or November...pending Carla's health.  Here's to hoping.  It will be a lot of fun if it all works out!

In other news...  Carla had another finger poke test this morning and her INR is still low, so now her Coumadin dose has been increased from 3 mgs per day to 3.5 mgs per day.  I'm pretty sure her veggie intake is to blame for the low INR (greens counter act with Coumadin).  I can't discourage her from eating veggies, so up the Coumadin dose goes.  She has no current blood clot, so the low INR doesn't freak me out in any way shape or form.  It's just a matter of precaution, because of a former clot in her heart.  (The clot that caused them to close the fenestration last summer, which lead to high heart/lung pressures and finally, Plastic Bronchitis). As far as Carla's health goes...she seems to be doing very well.  We are SO PLEASED.  I can't even believe how quiet she sleeps now....and that she actually sleeps through the night.  For the past almost 2 years she has not been able to sleep through the night without either coughing, or waking up for no real reason.    I am so happy for her, and for us, that she is able to sleep and that she is feeling well.  Her energy is off the charts and Mommy is feeling a very strong desire for a break..... Carla just MAY be able to spend the night with Grandparents Morgan this weekend, so that would be a super night off for me.  We will see.  Until next time ;)

Love, Jen

 Getting ready to put the new swing set together...
Relaxing together...

Papa and Daddy are still working hard to put the swing set together...the rest of us have already started playing... 
Finally, Papa gets done what he can and is able to take a break and play :) 
Cute Toot in a basket... 
 Bobby, enjoying the swing set as well..
 Ride 'em Cow Girl!
The swing set, almost complete...the slide had some screw issues, but Papa got it finished in the morning.


Funny faces run in the family...

Say cheese!

Smiling for the camera.


Trying out the basket swing together... :)

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Christina said...

How fun! Carla looks so great. Enjoy the fun swing set and good luck with the Disney make a wish plans. That is where my nephew went for his wish and they had an amazing time!

Hugs & Prayers,