The plan...

So, we have been admitted to the third floor at Primary Children's Medical Center.  Carla just had an x-ray, she will have blood work and and IV placed soon and in the morning they will do an echo and she will see one of  the transplant doctors.  

The IV guys were just here and have decided that they want to stay in our room for the rest of the night...and that Carla is their favorite patient in like weeks.  She told them she was brave and then proceeded to be very brave.  It is almost midnight and she is so jacked up it is ridiculous!  Bobby and I, however, are beat and ready for bed!

There is not really a lot to report here, but I will update in the morning, after talking to the doctors and figuring what we are going to do.

Love, Jen

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Sonnie said...

Your family are in my prayers.