Nice Weekend

We had a lovely weekend here in Montana.  Saturday we moseyed around for a while and then I took Carla to Helena to spend the night with her Grandparents Morgan.  We had a pleasant little visit and then I came home, finished my book, did some dishes and laundry and then went to bed early.  Bobby was at work and Cody went to the Belt Rodeo with Syd and her family.  It was so relaxing and nice for me to spend some time just doing what I wanted to do, without anyone to take care of, please or even to weigh in on what I was doing.  I haven’t had time alone for a very long time and I really appreciated it. 

Yesterday was Father’s Day so Bobby, Cody, Roger, Tammy, Thomas and I went to breakfast here in Cascade.  We then came home and visited until 1:00, when Bobby went to band practice, I headed to my Dad’s for lunch, and Cody went to work.  Upon arrival at my Dad’s Carla was sleeping.  She looked so beautiful.  Dad, Sue, Andy and I ate a Father's day lunch that Sue whipped up and then Andy, Dad and I took a drive to McClellan Creek....I hadn’t been for about 15 years.  Sue offered to stay home with Carla, and the Starks were able to come by and meet Carla, which was sweet.  

We have a little bit of property at McClellan Creek and when I was a kid we would go camping there a couple times a year.  We would climb trees, pick raspberries, play in the creek, catch and race frogs, widdle hot dog/marshmellow cooking sticks and then make hot dogs and smores, my Dad and Uncle Dan would play their guitars and sing, while Mom and the Aunties would harmonize.  Almost every Memorial Day it would rain, but we would still go camping.  My Uncle Mark had this HUGE Army tent and when the rain hit we would all be in the tent, with a lantern, singing and playing.  

When I was a teenager, I spent almost a whole summer camping at McClellan Creek with one of my best friends, Sara.  We would drive home for showers and work, but spent so many nights under the starts with a camp fire, it was ridiculous.  Probably one of the best summers of my life.  We built a little dam, so we could have a swimming hole, built benches out of logs and wood, had a little clothes line and enjoyed a fabulous summer-time.  I went through two mufflers, because if we were not at McClellan Creek we were heading to the lake.  After that summer Sara and I moved in together, I got a bunch of jobs and pretty much have never gone camping or to the lake since.  Responsibilities took over life....but, I am so happy that we had that summer,  and that I had McClellan Creek through my childhood.  

It was a nice trip and things have changed a lot since the last time I was there.  The pine beetle has killed a lot of the pine trees, and so both trees, which housed the clothes line, have been lost... as well as other trees.  The fire pit needs digging out, the creek is higher than I have ever seen it and  the old benches Sara and I made so many years ago have aged....I don't know if I will ever go camping again, but it sure was a nice trip down memory lane.

After our drive we went back to Dad's and celebrated Andy's birthday.  Sure do love my brother Andy....and the rest of my family.  So very blessed.  :)

Here are a couple of cute pics from Dad & Sues.  Love, Jen

Carla, in her new summer dress with Sue's pretty flowers.

What a little darling...

Dad and Carla, on the swing.

Carla with Uncle Andy, Grandpa & me...

Carla with Uncle Andy, Grandma, and me.

Carla with the Starks, they sent her many prayers and goodies when Carla was in the hospital.   :)

Holy giant corn Batman!

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