Doing well...

Since we have been here Carla has been just fine.  She's not coughing, she's not sick, she is just hanging out and waiting, as are we.  Waiting to see if anything else happens I guess, and wondering what we should do. They plan on releasing us tomorrow.  We are starting vest treatments again, but otherwise leaving everything else the same.  I think we are going to go home.  We haven't made any decisions, but I think that is what we are going to do.  We could get another apartment here and prepare for the worst...but Carla's condition just doesn't seem to warrant that.  We will have to move back once the antibodies come down and we get some heart offers, but until we are going to get heart offers it's just so drastic to leave all we know and love, to be alone in a city that we don't.  And I'm not saying SLC is a bad place, it's just not our home.   You have no idea how many times in the last 3 weeks Carla has said "I'm so happy to be in Montana!"   We will see.  We will think about it and make some decisions.  Love, Jen


Anonymous said...

Hoping you find some answers and God makes your choices, if not easy, very clear as to what you should be doing. Praying for no casts and a smooth road after this little speed bump.

mom to Brady HLHS

Anonymous said...

Go home. Home is where your hearts are and is good therapy for Carla. Happy is healthy. God is on Your side. Getting an apartment at this time would be putting unneeded stress on yourself and Carla. That will happen soon enough. You need to take care of yourself,too. I'm soooo happy all is well. Don,t know anybody with more prayer warriors than Carla. We continue to watch over you and pray continuosly. So, like I've said before ,we got you covered.If all is well, then hit the road. God Bless your family. Karen Mansikka