Home Sweet Home/Dr. Apt.

I was so busy getting home on Thursday that I never posted Carla's cardiology news! What a silly nilly! Here is the scoop. Carla's INR (coumadin levels) actually had gone down to 1.6, even though we had increased her coumadin, so they upped that a little bit. She weighed 35.4 pounds and was 3'2" tall. That puts her in the 10th percentile for height and 49th percentile for weight..... We don't have to worry that Carla is wafe like.... Her oxygen saturation was holding strong at 91% on 1 liter of oxygen, which made me very happy. The Doc said that her oxygen levels going up is a sign that her pressures are going down (which makes sense, and also makes me ecstatic!); her echo showed normal heart function. So, all in all, a good visit!

We actually got out of the hospital at 11:30 Thursday morning, which surprised me, because I was expecting it to be a 3 hour adventure. After the hospital visit we went back to the apartment for some last minute cleaning and packing. Bobby and Thomas had taken all of the furniture, etc. to storage while Carla and I were at the hospital. We waited for them and did the last cleaning of the apartment as we waited. We finally got out of the apartment around 2, but then we had to 1) drop off the concentrator at Lincare; and 2) drop off the Comcast equipment at Comcast. Bobby and Tom took the concentrator and Carla and I took the Comcast stuff. I got a little lost, because I'm not used to my GPS (it doesn't talk nearly enough and so I missed a turn or two)....finally I got to Comcast and Carla was asleep. So, I had to drag her out of a slumber, into drop off the equipment, which was a total pain in my butt. We finally got on the road a little after 3 and then as soon as we were in the thick of Salt Lake interstate Carla says: "I have to go potty!" So, we pulled over at a Wendy's, went potty and ordered up some food to go. By the time they FINALLY got our order to us I think we had killed over a half and hour. Drat! We finally arrived home close to 1 a.m. Carla was so jacked up about coming home that she would not sleep. Around 11 p.m. she says: "I think we should make Spaghetti for dinner when we get home." So, being the over indulgent heart Mom that I am...guess what we did when we got home? Yes, I made spaghetti, while Carla played her V-tech video games in her room. She was sooooo excited. She finally fell asleep around 2:30 a.m.

We are super happy to be home, mostly we've been working on getting organized (everything is a wreck); going for walks and visiting family. There are not quite enough hours in the day and giving Carla attention is always more important than housework, so the house is suffering just a little bit. Carla keeps talking about her Birthday, so a party plan is in the works. I'm thinking probably a family get together here in Cascade and then another in Helena, but need to talk to people and find out what they think. So, there will be more to come on a birthday party later.

Right now, I need to change over the laundry, because Cody has a band concert tonight and I need to get his clothes washed up for him, and then finish getting ready so that I can take Carla for a walk. Busy busy!

love, Jen


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