First Meal...

We had our first little dinner party at the apartment tonight. Dad and Sue are here visiting and Sue and I had just gotten done grocery shopping, so decided that instead of going out to dinner (which we have done every night they have been in Salt Lake ... mostly because we had no other choice) we made ourselves a delicious Spaghetti, garlic cheese toast, sauteed mushrooms and a lovely spinach salad with crasins, almonds and apples. It was so delicious and Carla said "Mom, I love this dinner."

This morning we took Carla down to the pool for a little dip. Afterwards, when she became crabby, Grandma read her a story and then Grandpa watched her sleep while Sue and I got my shopping done. I love that we have food in the house and don't have to go out to eat!

Carla seems to be doing alright. I let her off her oxygen when she is swimming but she does get quite purpley in the toes and fingers, so I put her back on as soon as we are done. We see the docs on Thursday and I'm sure they will be impressed with how well she seems to be doing.

I think I am still in shock over the events that have occurred over the last 2 months. I can't believe that little bit of string cheese puke Carla coughed up in November has lead to needing a heart transplant. I can't believe that we are now living in a separate town from our family and that I only get to see my husband and son via skype. I can't believe our kitty has never returned home since the 7 days after we had to come here :( I feel like my life has been ripped away from me. But also so grateful to have our daughter. If her not being here meant that I could go home tomorrow I would't take it. I am so thankful that we have her and we will do whatever we have to do to keep her safe and with us. March 10th and the days that followed were far too terrifying and heart wrenching to just forget about. So, we are lonely. It's only time and things will get better as time marches on. The key is to get Carla to a place where she can have A LOT more time to bless our lives with her little Carla-izms (as my besty calls them). She is so funny, so cute and so full of life. I can no longer image my life without Carla. .... and I hope I never have to know what a world without her would feel like....mostly because I know that a life without Carla would be a dark and sad horrific place.

Love, Jen
Getting ready to eat!
Dad and Carla this morning. They are so cute!
Headed to the pool.
Getting in...
Getting warm in the "Ja-cozy" as Carla calls it ;)
Being snuggly last night at the Guest house :)
Going to "Red Robin Hood" for dinner last night.

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Adam Morgan and Jennifer Barnas said...

I am always so amazed at both you and Carla's incredible strength and courage and consistent positive attitude. Your whole family (I guess mine now, too, huh? :)) is an inspiration to me. Love to you all.