Dr. Appointment

So, we had a 7a.m. doctor appointment at the hospital today. We got there at 7, signed in and waited for the lady to print out some sheets, walked down to x-ray, checked in...waited...got an x-ray; walked down to the lab waited....waited....and waited...figured out that the couple ahead of us in line was actually the couple we were next to in the PICU after Carla's Fontan. They had a brand new HLHS baby at that time and we offered them support. Baby Mason ended up getting a heart transplant at 8 months and looks terrific. Finally, after waiting some more, we were able to go and get Carla's finger poke. We then went back over to cardiology, to wait some more. Then a gal came and got us. She was going to echo Carla but realized she didn't need to so just weighed her and measured her. She is 97 cm tall and weighs 15.something kilograms. She then took us over to a room, where we waited. After a while a nurse or tech came in and took Carla's blood pressure, temperature and pulse ox. Her oxygen was around 86, on one liter of oxygen. Then, we waited....the transplant NP & pharmacist came in and we went over Carla's meds. The pharmacist left and the NP listened to and examined Carla. She left and, you guessed it, we waited...then we saw Dr. Melina (who I love). She examined Carla and they decided to bump up her coumadin a little: from 2 mg per day to 2 mg every day except Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on those days she will take a 2.5 ml pill. We will get another INR next Thursday morning and then go through all of this rigamaroll two Thursdays from now, on the 19th. But this time, we have an appointment for 10a.m., so at least we will have time to get breakfast in our bellies before hand. I'm pretty sure had I the chance to eat this morning I would have been a lot less crabby about the annoying rigamaroll. Literally, this appointment took 3 HOURS!!! At home this appointment would have taken a maximum one and a half hours AND we would have visited with her doctor for at least 15 minutes! Oh well.

After the appointment we took our starving little selves back to the apartment for dino nuggets and baked fries. After, we went for a swim. We had a very enjoyable time swimming :) I am hoping to get a long nap this afternoon and then Bobby's folks and little brother will be here tonight around 10 or 11. Tammy is staying with Carla for a few days, so that I can drive home tomorrow and drive back here on Wednesday. I am looking forward to getting home for a couple of days, but I will miss Carla like crazy! Sure do love that little sweet toot.

On the kitty front, still no kitty, but I guess the next door neighbor told my father in law that there is a gray kitty living under their cabin in their back yard. SO, I am hoping to seek out that cat when I am home and if it is Missy I will bring her home. She did run away and try to live under Aunt Punky's house when we moved to the 5th wheel. So, this is a little bit encouraging to me. Poor kitty :(

I can hardly keep my eyes open. Love and take care, Jen

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