A couple of cute pics!

Oh my goodness, we had a super fun day and I have a whole bunch of pictures to share BUT I figured I had better go ahead and share these first...since I took them about a week ago at the apartment.

I can't believe it was one week ago today that Bobby and Thomas came up to rescue us from Salt Lake. Feels like a lot longer than a week! And yet, the time has seemed to fly by as well. Funny thing about home, there is always something here to keep us busy! And we have been soaking in the family and fun! I still wake up in the morning with no idea where I am...but I am hoping to be used to being home again soon. I do know that I sleep a lot better, and Carla too! She sleeps until 9:00 every morning! She used to get up between 6 and 7! Wowzers!

Tomorrow we have to go for a finger poke...but that will take the usual half an hour max (instead of an hour or more) so that is pretty exciting. We will do the blood draw, pick up meds and then get something to eat. Awe, the life! I can't wait to show you pictures from today...but alas, you will have to wait. ;)

Love, Jen

Last Tuesday, taking a bath with her beach ball :)

Packing and getting excited about Uncle and Daddy coming!

Blowing kisses...

Carla and I. :)

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