A big Thank You!

Yesterday was the big Carla Wright Benefit in Great Falls. Set up started around 10:00 am and Bobby called me around 10:30 last night, finally on his way home! All of the music community, co-workers, my ex-coworkers and bosses, Carla's classmates, Bobby's customers, Cody's classmates, friends, family, strangers and neighbors. It was nothing short of amazing. At one point Carla and I got to Skype in and say hi too! How cool. We cannot thank everyone enough for all their hard work, love, support and generosity.

Yesterday here in Salt Lake City, Carla and I went swimming for the first time. She giggled non-stop! Afterwards we came upstairs and she took a little nappy. I think we will go again this morning. My Dad & Sue will be here today as well!

Carla's improvement has been nothing short of a miracle. Every day she gets stronger and more like herself. She has been walking on her own a little more, looks pinker and is even bending at the knees a little bit to sit down without me doing all the work. She is also so loving and sweet. Sometimes I hold her and just soak it in. We came so close....every second really is a gift. I appreciate the fact that I can hold her, what an extreme blessing. I can't wait until she can be held by everyone in her family, every day!

Well, I must get to it! I will be taking pictures today after my Dad & Sue arrive, so I should have something to post tomorrow! :) We also will be seeing the Transplant team Thursday at 7a.m., so will have more to report at that time too. All in all now, we are waiting. Waiting for the antigens to come down and for Carla's new heart to arrive. Sure do love that little sweet toot!

Love, Jen


The Simmons Family said...

We continue to keep you all in our prayers!! I am amazed at your strength in all this.. being away from home.. finding temporary housing. As long as you have Carla here.. you will do whatever it takes. I would too. I hope you had a nice swim this morning and that the transplant appt goes well on Thursday.

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