Back in SLC

So, I am back in Salt Lake and while I am thrilled to be with Carla again, I missed her so much!  Now I am missing my sweet husband and son .  A girl can't win at this point BUT, I do feel a little better about everything.  I think going home for a couple of days was rejuvenating ... even though I did flood the house.  Good news about that by the way!!!!  I didn't ruin ANY of the electrical!!  So, the elliptical, speakers, lights and projector all still work!  Thank God.  We got everything  put back together and it is as if I was never there ;)  I have to say, I have the best husband ever for not getting even the slightest mad at me for all the hassle.  He is a sweetie.  

This morning I took Carla to the hospital for an INR/PT/antibody check.  She was SUCH a BIG GIRL!!!  Didn't even cry or anything!!!  I was so proud.  I'm not sure if they will call and let me know the results, but we do see the transplant team next Thursday, so we will know at that time if her antibodies have come down at all.  The plastic bronchitis has not reared it's ugly head in almost a month, so, maybe the fenestration as well as the amazing amounts of sildenafil she is taking is doing the trick!  We will pray.  After we got done at the hospital this morning we were going to go to Applebees (one of Carla and my favorite haunts), but it no longer seems to be where the GPS told me it was...so we went to the Gateway Mall instead (since that's where the GPS lead us).  They  have a food court, so Carla had McDonalds and I had Taco Time.  It was no Applebees, but it was still fun.  After we ate we went for a stroll down the outside mall, in the sunshine.  We came across Build a Bear and I couldn't resist but to take her in there and have her build a bear.  She built a Pony, which she named "Pony" and a bear that she named "Pretty Bear".  So creative....reminded me that my brother named his hamster "Wood" when we were kids, because it was brown.  Must run in the family.  ;)

My love to you all!


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