So, what day is it again? Like I've said before, feels like groundhog day around here. But, at least the days are getting a bit more fun for Carla. Physical therapy is working on getting her strong enough to stand on her feet again and music therapy is working on keeping her spirits high. She loves both...mostly because they both feel like playing! Playing is good.

Carla coughed up a little tiny cast bit that looked the size of a piece of rice this morning. I don't really know what that means for her or us. We are so ready to be done with the crap, but apparently our desires have not been considered by the universe. I guess all we can do is wait and pray and continue to do what we are doing.

I will let you know if we have any news today, but I have a feeling it might just be another groundhog day. We'll see.

Love, Jen

Carla's nurse, Sandy (blond) and her Physical therapist getting ready to bowl...
She was a little off the mark, but that's ok!
The doctors said she could eat again and I happened to have some Teddy Grahams on hand to tide her over until the actual food came.
Laying on the mat and watching the cool light, bubble thing.
Sitting on the floor, eating and watching Spongebob...this is starting to feel more like home.
Strumming and singing along with the Music Therapist.
Our diligent music student.


Katy said...

Today I am reminded that Carla is sick and needs a new heart. She is improving but those little yucky casts sure are a physical reminder that she is not completely healthy yet. But that she is getting there! Thank you God for continually providing for Jen and Bobby and Carla in more ways than any of us can ever imagine this side of heaven!

cici said...

So glad she is up and bowling, etc. Tiny steps forward until she an walk out the door :)
I have enlisted the help of St. Jude in my Prayers.
Keep the Faith Mommie.