Carla has transitioned from the BiPap to the high flow pediatric nasal cannula. We are keeping our fingers, toes and legs crossed that she continues to do well and that she only improves from here on out. Every time we make a change I feel like I age another year or so. It is so daunting. She has been off the BiPap since 11:50 this morning and seems fine, except that she still has a bit of junk she has to breath through, so she is somewhat labored with her breathing. Although, labored breathing is nothing new around here. We need her lungs to heal up...poor baby. anyway though. So far so good! Here's to hoping!

Love, Jen
Carla giving Grandma Sue a serious hug!
Blowing bubbles and playing with her puppy....waiting for the RT to come and give her the switch from BiPap to hi-flow pediatric nasal cannula.
Painting with Grandma, super happy to be able to see and move around a little bit.
Helping Grandpa play the ukulele
Watching Spongebob

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful princess!! Although I have never met your family may I say you have amazing courage and strength!! My daughter and I pray for your little Carla's health and happiness every night. Good to hear she is improving :) God Bless :)