Quiet day...

We had a pretty quiet day in the CICU today. Carla tries to sleep a lot and we keep waking her up to bug her. But, it's all good. The physical therapist came and moved her all around, we sat her on the little potty and she was able to go to the bathroom, which made her tummy 3 cm smaller, and she needed that dearly. She still has about 8 cm too big of a belly, so we will work on that. Poor baby has been all blocked up for about a week. One of the side affects of these great drugs they have her on. The Nurse Practitioner said that we are going to do trials without the mask on tomorrow. Exciting news, but nerve wracking because we want her to do great but have no control of any of it. We want to pull everything off of her and run out of here as fast as we can. BUT this is a process, it is all in Carla's time and we can't rush things. Rushing things causes set backs. It's something that we have learned the hard way, several times ....don't rush the Car-lolly-gagger! Nice pet name hu, she is a little lolly gagger, so it was only a matter of time before we started calling her that (one of Grandma Wright's nick names for Carla is Lolly, so it's a perfect fit). Time for me to get off to the Ronald McDonald House and go to bed! Love, Jen

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