Pictures...as promised...

Carla has had a good day. She went for a ride in the wagon, ate yogurt, crackers, peanut butter, spaghetti, pizza, popcorn and a couple bites of a chocolate chip cookie and is now taking a nap. She is talking more and her voice is getting a little stronger. Her voice is still a whisper of what it used to be, but I'm sure in time she will sound like herself again. I get the feeling they are getting ready to kick us out of here. I am longing to go home, but also terrified to go home. What do we do if everything turns to crap at home? Nothing like living in rural Montana with a child that needs a children's hospital.....scary. I just pray to God the Plastic Bronchitis doesn't rear it's ugly head again and that we can go home and everything will be fine.

Here are a couple of pictures that I promised :)

Sitting up, on her wagon ride this morning.
Being a cute Toot.
Last night, Carla with her chicken, corn and Mac & Cheese dinner.


cici said...

Poor little baby needs to bust outta there. Fingers crossed!

2ndheartmom said...

So good to see her looking so good! I hope the worst is over and I hope she does wonderfully while awaiting the antigens to go down.