The night

Last night before we left for dinner Carla's breathing was very labored. They ended up putting her back on BiPap while we were at dinner and she looked so much more relaxed when we came back. The problem is this: Bronchial Malacia. What does this mean? It means that her bronchus is collapsing when she breathes in, instead of expanding. The bronchial tubes are muscles too, and with the vent holding them open for so long they got weak and so now we need to build those muscles back up, is the best way I can think of to explain the situation. The great news is that she was able to come off the vent. So, we have hope that this will take a little time to clear up and then we will slowly move forward. We will be doing more trials off the BiPap as the days go on and eventually we won't need to go back on, will be able to switch to regular oxygen and then no oxygen and then be perfectly healthy and have a great big party! Woo hoo! Can't wait for that day! Until then, we will continue to sit here on groundhog day, aging in dog years ;)

My Dad and Sue were going to leave today, but it sounds like they MAY be able to stay another day! That makes me super happy! Here's to continued improvement and please pray for healthy lungs and a less sore throat. If Carla starts coughing really well (which she will do when her throat doesn't hurt so bad) it will help clear the junk out of her lungs! We need healthy lungs! I keep praying for a miracle. I know that we have already gotten our fair share but I'm pretty sure that the Lord will come through with another and make our sweet Toot better. Thank you all so much for the continued love and support. We appreciate it so much.

Love, Jen

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