Music Therapy and Grandparent Therapy....

Carla got to enjoy some time with her Grandparents Morgan last night and then this morning she got to enjoy some time singing and playing along with the music therapy lady. It was pretty cool.

Her first night out of the ICU was a little bit different. She's not used to the nurses around here, so she is a lot less tolerant of them and their antics. She was so used to the CICU that she didn't get all freaked out about them coming and going, listening to her, etc. Up here she doesn't know what to expect, so puts up more of a fuss and of course, expects the worst. Another thing she was used to in the ICU was that her Daddy stayed up all night long to be with her, and if she woke up, he was there to play with. So, at 2:30 a.m., she thought it was a perfect time to get up and hang out for three or so hours.... Goodness. I foresee a lot of long nights.

We are working out the details of getting released from this rat trap and I suspect tomorrow or the next day we will get to go to our transplant apartment. I still cannot believe that Carla and I can't go home and that we will be staying here fore a while, but what keeps me going is the knowing that this is only temporary and we will be home soon enough. Also, Bobby and I are going to start using Skype. So, that should be fun!

In other news: Cody joined the working world today, as he got a job at Dantes bussing tables. We are very proud of him. I can't wait to hear about his first night at work.

Well, I'm going to leave you to check out the cute pictures and I'm going to visit with my family. Love, Jen

Carla playing the xylophone with music therapist.
Playing the Kazoo...which actually increased her saturation level.
Playing the drum....
Playing the drum some more...
Playing the guitar....
Playing the guitar some more....
Playing the xylophone and singing (Twinkle, twinkle traffic light).
Being cute with Grandpa.
Playing her DSi and snuggling with Grandpa.
Thumb wrestling...it looks like Carla might be winning.
Reading Tangled with Grandma Sue. Thank you to Grandma Sue's friend, Tony, who sent Carla this book.
Carla, wearing her prayer crown from some school kids at Holy Spirit School in Great Falls. So sweet.
Snuggling with her Bear from Great Grandma Lois. Thanks Grandma.
Carla with her cool gifts from the Starks...they also sent me a bag of goodies....thank you guys so much.

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