Good day!

I have to apologize for taking this long to update BUT I had a post that I had worked on for half an hour or so and then something happened and it deleted itself....at that point I was so annoyed I didn't want to re-type what I had just written, so took a couple hour break.

So, long story short. Carla had Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, they let her eat again, they increased her sildenafil, decreased the TPA, and gave her a 3D echo. No casts today and if there are no more casts today they will discontinue TPA again. They still have us on track to discharge sometime next week but we don't feel comfortable leaving the area until we are SURE there will be no more casts. It is just too deadly for Carla. So, we are taking steps to figure out what to do about staying in this area for a period of time. I will let you know when we figure out a plan.

In more good news, Bobby's folks are coming for a visit this weekend and they are brining Cody and Thomas!!!! Yay! Family for Easter! Woo hoo! Then, my Dad and Sue will be here on Monday. So more yay!

Anyway, time to give Carla a wash down! Love that Toot!

Love, Jen

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Katie said...

Hi Jen,
You don't know me but a co-worker of mine here in Helena MT sent out an email about your daughter and with a link to your blog and I've started following your family's journey through this rough time. I'm cheered to hear about Carla's good day today and I hope she has a wonderful Easter. Your daughter is adorable and I wish her a speedy recovery and patience for the days that don't seem so speedy. Katie