Getting das boot~

That's right!  They are kicking us out of the hospital!  I am so excited!  Thankfully my Dad and Sue are still here and my Dad was able to help me take a great huge load of stuff out of the hospital room, to the apartment, while Grandma Sue stayed with Carla.  If they had discharged us tomorrow, when we were alone, it would have been a huge pain in the butt.  But we would have gotten it done, it just wouldn't have been nearly as convenient!  

We have to come back here tomorrow for an INR check, which I'm sure Carla will LOVE.  But, at least we don't have to live here.  I think being in a home situation will help Carla feel more of a desire to move around and get her strength back.  The nurse will be in here soon to remove the PICC line and we are still waiting for our "orders" to leave and for meds.  So, we may be here a while longer BUT we will be sleeping in our own new bed tonight. I am very looking forward to this transition.  After we leave the hospital we will no longer have the internet....until they come and set it up in the apartment tomorrow.  So, I will be out of touch until then.  Please keep Carla in your prayers.  She still needs continued lung improvement as well as prayers that her antigen levels will drop.  Thank you and much love!  
Care to join me in a happy dance.... ?



The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Doing a dance, a happy dance....

Christina said...

Yea, yea, yea! Happy dance just for you! Do you need anything at/for your apartment?

hugs & prayers,

The Smith's said...

Amazing news! So excited for your guys' move!

Kimber said...

Happy, happy news - way to go, Carla!!