Doing well

Carla is doing very well today. She slept through the night, woke up around 5, puked and has been golden ever since. About an hour ago they decided to take her off of 6 liters of oxygen at 45% and put her on 3 liters at 100%. With the idea that when she is on regular oxygen, instead of high flow, it is 100% oxygen. The nice thing about high flow is that they can add quite a lot of humidity to the oxygen, so as not to dry out the nose, throat and lungs. So, putting her at 3 liters at 100%, with humidity is the same as having her on a regular low flow cannula, with extra humidity. Since they changed her flow, her saturation level went up from the mid 70s to the mid 80s. So, that is a good sign. We will see how the day goes and then how she feels in the night, with her work of breathing, etc. All in all she is starting to look AMAZING and I dare not say it....BUT, I think we will be home in the near future, if things continue on this path. I am so ready to get home! It is really exciting and scary at the same time though. We want to think this Plastic Bronchitis is behind us, but we never want to be in the situation we were in before. We came WAY TOO CLOSE to losing our daughter.

Ok, the doctors just did rounds and have cleared Carla to EAT!!!! YAY! She was able to have some clear liquids yesterday, Jello and slushie, but this morning she had Jello and then her tummy growled really big and she was hungry. I was going to give her ice cream, because she wanted that yesterday, but today when I offered her ice cream she cried and said she wanted food. I found her some Cheerios in the nutrition room and ordered her some soup. She has scarfed down most of the Cheerios and has just started on the soup. She may be really full now, after not eating for 5 weeks I can only imagine how tiny your tummy would shrivel up to!
Carla is really happy right now, eating and watching Elmo. I am happy for her. She is starting to really act like herself now.

I have cute pictures of her first bites of Cheerios, but I am going to go get some lunch too....As Bobby and Carla would say, "My stomach is munching on my ribs!"

Love, Jen

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