Doing a lot better!

Carla is doing a lot better! We have been able to successfully transition her from BiPap to the hi-flow nasal cannula and now we are working on getting her settings down so that we can get her on a regular nasal cannula. Yesterday and today, Carla has been acting a lot more like herself! I even got her to smile yesterday! She has been super snuggly and today she played on a mat for Physical Therapy. She also watched Tangled, had an echo to check for blood clots and got a visit from Rob and Lisa from Helena! Grandparents Morgan unfortunately left this morning and I can tell you that has been the only sad part of the day! Carla's nurse JUST gave her a bath and is braiding her hair right now! (Better her than me! Carla is not a fan of getting her hair done!)
Anyway, now that Carla is doing so well my updates will be a bit less, because every time she sees the computer she wants to either type on it or watch videos of herself on it. So, that takes priority! My love to you all and I will update before bed tonight!

Love, Jen
Bobby and Carla, playing the DSi last night.
Dad and Sue snuggling last night.
Carla and I snuggling last night.
Carla, snuggling her puppy with the Physical Therapist this morning.
Holding her Daddy tight last night!
Grandma Sue, blowing bubbles for Carla yesterday.
Grandpa kissing Carla.


cici said...

wonderful news. A visit from Grandmommies and daddies always works wonders ;)

Katy said...

I just keep gazing at these pics thinking to myself "no way"! This is our miracle! She is healing and will be home before we know it! God is good all the time! He has never failed us! I am sooooo thankful today for this blessing! Thank you Jen for sharing this great news! Love you!

Christel said...

thank you so much for keeping up on the posts on how she's doing because i always have people asking how she's doing! it's so great that she's doing better! :)

love ya!
Christel, Larry, kristen